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RAP Online Productions

We have been working hard to bring to you a monthly online production in collaboration with some of the many talented artists in Robertsbridge, from writers to illustrators, painters to poets. The format will be either a presentation, an interview or a conversation between like-minded individuals.  60 minutes in duration. With question/answer session kept for the end.  We are very excited about this!

On Thursday 29 October at 7:30pm, ICEBOUND IN THE ARCTIC will be our debut, a presentation by Mick Smith. Let’s allow Mick to introduce this one:

“After 170 years submerged in the Arctic ice, two British naval ships have been discovered intact and will yield vital clues to the famous Franklin expedition. Two fully laden ships with years of supplies and 129 men disappeared in the Arctic in the 1840s and people have been searching for clues to the disaster ever since. Over 100 expeditions have combed the Arctic in search of evidence since the 1840s and I have written about how marine archaeologists found the ships and what evidence they will find – including paper records and photographs which have been preserved in water for 170 years.

At the heart of the talk is a dramatic personal story of Francis Crozier – the man in command of the disaster (Franklin died early in the expedition and Crozier was in charge of the fight to survive.). Crozier was a veteran of six polar expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic and only went back to the ice to impress the woman he loved.

There will be pictures of the submerged ships, the only known photographs of Crozier, Franklin, etc, and maps.”


This presentation will be online using Zoom.

Email rap.org.uk@gmail.com (or using the ticketing page on this website) to reserve your place asap. Numbers are limited.

This is a fee free community initiative.


Kids, let’s get creative!

Carve a pumpkin or draw, paint or use some other type of materials to make a jack o’lantern (clay, Playdoh, cookie dough, Lego, etc.)  Take a good photo as we plan to use it on our social media pages as well as website.




To view the winning photos, and an see an interview with the winning photographer as well as the Community photo category winner and an article about the most excellent Morris Minor auto click here.

To view photos that were entered:

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The link which goes directly to the FB photo’s page is:-



Thank you to all who entered photos.  There were close to 300 entries, a wonderful response from our fantastic village!

A participatory audio play from Applause


Perfect for families, particularly for those with children aged 5-10, all 3 episodes of The Quest will be available on the Applause website to enjoy together, for free, from Friday 12th June.

It would be great if you could take a few minutes to click on the above links and see what Applause has in store.

The RAP Committee and show attendees are highly positive about Applause events.  See www.rap.org.uk and look at past events/reviews.

We truly hope that Applause Rural Touring, an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation based in Tunbridge Wells, can keep their business going through these trying times. https://applause.org.uk

RAP Members Prize Draw 

And the winner is…Clive and Judy Cooke!!!

Once we have our new offering of shows for the coming season, you will be able to choose two tickets for an event of your choice.


We have delayed the member prize draw as we are delaying renewal of memberships.  If you have any questions please send an email to: rap.org.uk@gmail.com; or drop a note to: RAP, c/o K. McConnell, 1 Poplar Cottages, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5EY.