Annette Lloyd Thomas

Authors’ Talks: Annette Lloyd Thomas – Mad Jack: The many lives of John Fuller squire of Brightling

In her biography, Annette Lloyd Thomas delves beneath the myths and tall tales to examine more closely the life of a colourful, charismatic and often contradictory character who is as controversial today as he was in his own time.  Annette believes everyone has a story worth telling and is particularly drawn to people deemed ‘eccentric’ by society.  She has an obsession with Georgian Britain where eccentrics abound.  An unashamed bibliophile, she enjoys debunking historical myths and challenging popular misconceptions.  After exhaustive research, her first book – “Mad Jack: The Many Lives of John Fuller, Squire of Brightling”, was published in 2020. 

While graduating in Geography, History and Education from York University, Toronto Annette learned the value of unearthing primary documents and original sources. In her long career as a teacher, she encouraged critical thinking and debating skills in her students. She believes it is better to find the truth than to be right. 

Born in Sussex, Annette moved to Canada with her family as a child. Now retired, she has returned to her roots and currently lives in Chichester.